ahhh well this blog is still under construction..
im still not feeling pleased with the design.. and thats all because of the limitations that BLOGGER has talking about the use of html and alll the erros i got everytime i try to...and lets clear that i dont know much about html just basics i've learnt when i start using myspace.... XD
At least i can post links to my fav blogs with images =D and i will remove the link list.. hahaha now im just trying to figure out how to put my images in the same row.. because i dont want big banners...so imm gonna askk to Mischiiii...
I wanted to take a walk but its too hot and sunny... so later later!!!!
ohhh besides i havent finished to decorate my mom's cake.. ^^ "tres leches" one..(three milks in english) hahahahaa XD

Als Ich Fortging - Karussell

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