... Krabat is a german movie based on the book "Krabt" of Otfried Preußler (i must suppose a great german author..lol ^^ )

Well the point is last year a friend of mine recommended me to watch the movie, sadly it was only in German and would have to wait till it arrive to the American Continent, but as I prefer to watch the movies in the original language, i got a copy of it two weeks ago, and well my german isnt that good to understand the whole movie, but a "very kind soul" gave me the file of the subtitles in spanish and woooow i loved this movie!!

Im not sure yet,, but i guess this movie would be released here in the American Continent on October of this year more less.. but dont take my words as a fact!!! So, if you got the opportunity to get it, Watch it!!! it really worths!!

hahahaa now the same friend told me after he read the book, he liked the book, most!!
and right now im just waiting till my book arrive.

Unintended - Muse

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Michael said...

Hey...try to get hands on the original book -- if you liked the film you'll love the book! It's really worth reading even if you already know the basic story from the film. This was one of my favourite books as a teenager :-)

~* VeroNice *~ said...

Schatz???? Mischiii??
anyways..im gonna try to get the original one and of course in the original language.. hahaha
btw where have you been today?? Misss You!! so much =(

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