After a gap, finally back to my blog and yeah i know the entrie is titled "how to makke a Mennrode Star" but just wanna let you know something about my day... and as i promised to some friends... a post in English, at least (one in German would be very hard).

So, yesterday i went to school, supposed to meet a friend to borrow her my books of the German class, after an hour lying in the grass and watching those black birds dancing, she phoned to me to say: - Im afraid i couldnt arrive "ON TIME" - blaaahhhh, what a waste of time!! =/ well not at all cos at 4:00pm i muss to go to my old job, just to pick up my profit's check :-) extra money!!! yeahhhh.

When i was there, i noticed they did an entire remodeling in the facilities, but still the same "powerful" (in their brains) stupid, arrogant and perverted ppl remains there, hahaha some of them still think they can tell you what to do and what to say,,, blaahhh I had to wait almost an hour to pick up my check... this fact, confirmed to me that a year ago i took the best decision of my life, quiting the job!!! ^^

Due to the long waiting under the sun, my face and arms burns horribly but even worst is that my rooms is the hell itself, soooo hot and i cannot sleep thats why i decided to make a new "modular star origami - The Mennorode - " now bigger.. green and black.. hehehe and yeahh i know that in my blog there are many posts under the label "origami" but i've found it, fascinating =)

Here's the pic of my star and of course i will let you know the link with the diagrams to make it, hmmm the instructions are in german but diagrams are easy to follow =)) anyway if you got some question, just ask!!! ;-)

mennorode star

Click here for the Instructions

Exit The Grey - Diorama

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