Do you believe in Angels?
Do you believe in blood and wine?
Do you believe in broken hearts?
Or is this something
You’ve never heard of…

This album is one of my favs of the band THE LAST DANCE, there are many memories related to my adolescence, specially to one person that i loved and always will, my best friend Jorge, indeed he was the one who gave me the cassette as a Xmas present the same year it was released, my first kiss, the first time i got drunk or when i smoked pot, tried mushrooms (the magic ones) and the bloody peyoteee..... oohhhh yes i did lots of crazy stuff in my youth but not all my memories were nice, there were also some saddest moments, but i cherish both deeply in my heart.

And thats the reason that long time ago, i was trying to get this cd (I had the cassette), finally I got my copy, this European edition includes an extra track that wasnt in the cassette, "YOU"
btw im super super happy... i said happy.... nooo im happily crazy!!! XD

Thanks to VVS, the guy who put this big smile in my face and take me right back...

Track list:

1. Do You Believe in Angels?
2. City Of The Gods
3. Lullaby
4. She's dancing
5. You**
6. War

She's Dancing - The Last Dance

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