Ahhh few mins ago i was watching in the news that today we had a higher temperature a bit more than in the Cancún beaches!!! (ahhh ahhh well, yesterday finally arrived @ home ^^) and as always the headache and the bloody sorethroat are here.. driving me nuts =// bloody changes of weathers ://

BTW...in the noon i started to ensamble my first cherry blossom ball but i must confess that ensambling is a diffult task.. but thanks to the tip of a guy and a teethpick im doing it a bit faster =).. but for now im done.. i got no more energy and patience ^^ instead of im gonna fold the petals =P because finally i figured out, how to fold the squares to make them ^^ (i've asked to some ppl and they didnt wanna reveal the secret, but haaaahahaha fortunatelly my brain is still working... ^^ ) i dont know if that's the correct way but it fits quite well in the flowers :P

Tomorrow im gonna visit my dear friend Martha or at leat give her a phone call to get the last gossips... and just come here to say a bit of my day and because i said to myself that this time im gonna try to keep this blog updated!!!

World In My Eyes - Depeche Mode

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