Ahhh Mobsters, mobsters!!!!
Well, to make this post shorter, i just gonna tell about the freaking people in this kinda games.... the aim on this game is just attack, get a powerful Mafia family and the world domination, Ouchhh no just the neighborhood, right? but in the process you can be attacked and lost $$$ =D even died.. This is the game
but is so hilarious to me when some mobs attacked you, when you were the weakest mob in the whole game and they took almost all your $$$ but when the things changes against them.. they are giving you the oportunity to escape of their fury
and threaten you:

Add me or die!!!
Attack me and i will destroy you!!
Mob up and i will forget!!!

and i wondered: why should i?? OMFG!!! *thought* I should otherwise, i could die..ohhh nooo *grins*
but i really enjoy being sarcastic with this people and to such point irreverent, cos i dont give a f#&%"g damn about it!!!

why do people are quite obsessed with it??
and even take things personally? hahahaha

and here's the most recent of my executioners...

Ich Werde Sie Verlassen - G.I.E.Z.

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