Well my mood the last days hasnt changed at all...
but i am a bit more optimistic about the health issues of S.O. in my family.
"There's always hope and faith"

The life goes on!!!
and last night i dreamt or "remember" something that had happened in my life at high-schoool, was a very nice dream about my old friends (even in my dreams they're bothering me ^^ loool) and it was funny that i could listen the song in the background, ppl dancing, the Engineering guys drinking like beasts, girls crying while we're laughing... ahh everything looked so real!!!
anyways the vid of the week is:

So, Alive - Love And Rockets

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Víctor said...

En ocasoines yo también recuerdo a mis viejas amistades, que en su tiempo fueron grandes amigos, pero tomamos diferentes caminos y no nos es posible vernos tan frecuente, saludos y que tengas un buen día.

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